[tor-talk] Bittorrent Legal Noise, Advocacy [re: Explaining Tor to worried parent]
2018-11-14 08:38:28 UTC
Yeah, one of the complete bullshit things. I get around 200 emails per day
This should tend to diminish when you begin creating and
showing people how to use filesharing and distributed storage
protocols operating entirely within the various encrypted
anonymous overlay and storage networks that exist out there.

Talking "Privacy" and "Freedom" is hardly enough to get
any percentage of various communities migrating inside
and safely using these networks, nor to get much change
in the world, you have to show them how to use real world
apps over those nets.

The *years* of anti speech and dis enablement from Tor about
agnostic Bittorrent in particular has no doubt hindered some
onionification et al of same. So you get that many more bullshit
emails and leave lots of unprotected non private and un free
peoples still out hanging using clearnet.
I run into this all the time whilst proselytizing for Tor, as for
example at a local non-profit makerspace recently. "Kiddie porn! FBI
raids!" was the hue and cry, whereupon people's brains shut down. But
this is very much a public relations issue
Jacob Appelbaum has some great presentations and
arguments made very much in the public free speech
space mentioning and addressing some of what you
speak of. You should look them up on youtube.

Move to tor-talk to discuss more.

Obligatory PJDU...

I mentioned [Tor] to a parent.
The conversation quickly devolved into worry and fear advising me to
stop running it,
to be honest now that I think about it from her perspective I can't
blame her for thinking like this.
However the responses and explanations from my end never hit the mark, I
know why I'm doing it
I know their might be risks but that I'm doing something that I believe in.
Have you guys/gals ever faced situations similar to this? How did you
handle it?
'if you don't do it somebody else will, so why do you put yourself at risk?
Thirdly she detected from the conversation that a [node] might not
be free from legal issues and
I can't say that this is not the case, but I do think her view of these
issues is utmost grim bringing up
my future and employment opportunities.
How would do you view/explain the severity of these legal issues?
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