[tor-talk] Fwd: Orbot 16.0.5-RC-1-tor-
Nathan Freitas
2018-11-14 15:05:41 UTC
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Subject: Orbot 16.0.5-RC-1-tor-
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 10:05:21 -0500
From: Nathan of Guardian <***@guardianproject.info>
Organisation: Guardian Project
To: guardian-***@lists.mayfirst.org

New Orbot 16.0.5 out now on Github,
https://guardianproject.info/releases and soon on Play and F-Droid!


Orbot 16.0.5-RC-1-tor-
@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this 9 minutes ago
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/** v16.0.5-RC-1-tor- / 15 Nov 2018 / 2e2f6e7 **/
2e2f6e7 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) udpate custom
language/locale handling
c22bfeb adding support for multiple new languages
a3dba71 update strings
2702eaa (tag: 16.0.4-BETA-1-tor- update to 16.0.4-BETA-1-tor-
fcff7ea reimplement custom language support for Aymara
21896f8 (tag: 16.0.3-RC-1-tor-, public/master) update to
03a9e24 update localization strings
f68fdc1 update transifex config
f06939b (tag: 16.0.3-BETA-2-tor-, dev/master) update build 16030020
9d3bd82 udpate default bridges
c207a1e update new simpler notification with "new identity" button
bcae003 add permission to service manifest
a7130ab update to latest tor android
a5d1978 update default bridges
ffda769 update NDK build script
3349454 update to latest Pluto obfs4proxy builds
048ed9f Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
84e0433 (tag: 16.0.3-BETA-1-tor- update version to
16.0.3-BETA-1-tor- and build to 16030010
66cc8ad improve service checking for running Tor instance
6bc161b update to Tor
0ff8d7c Merge pull request #173 from haghighi-ahmad/patch-1
772e0db Improve Persian translation and fix grammar.
129b55a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
1bef963 Merge branch 'Unpublished-deprecated_torrc'
b2bf3d9 Merge branch 'deprecated_torrc' of
https://github.com/Unpublished/orbot into Unpublished-deprecated_torrc
06c343c update launcher web graphic
3433112 update launcher graphics
bd61739 update version and constrains library
9a866aa update gradle tooling
31238af update tor to RC
b0a4990 Merge pull request #168 from av2k/master
f74dea2 torrc: remove deprecated DNSListenAddress and obsolete
5065a65 Merge pull request #1 from
27ee9ed Clarify a German strings.xml translation
a608a96 Merge pull request #161 from bitmold/get-bridge-dialog-improvement
7340e21 Merge pull request #158 from Unpublished/patch
08d242e unused attribute in layout
3e03d22 update request new bridge dialog text
be2d411 Formatted BridgeWizardActivity and layout; removed unnecessary code
0b15ae5 We get a better material design dialog by not using a custom layout
44d088b Only email clients are listed when you request a bridge over email
edc07b0 no previous zipping further reduces apk size
749ca3e proguard: disable obfuscation
65bf70f (tag: 16.0.2-RC-1) update to 16.0.2-RC-1 build 16020041
18528bc (tag: 16.0.2-BETA-3) update to 16.0.2-BETA-3 build 16020013
ae28293 update gradle to produce APKs appropriately named
41e223f update native build to support armeabi-v7a
f7f03f5 (tag: 16.0.2-BETA-2) update to 16.0.2-BETA-2 build 16020012
1dc740a update to latest tor-android-binary library
9a1e6fc add armeabi-v7a build to split APKs
4bdfb79 update code to properly unzip entries from APK zip if needed
0b74afb (tag: 16.0.2-BETA-1) update to build 16020011 16.0.2-BETA-1 with
89906a2 update tor vpn values to 192.168.200 base some people might have
conflicts with 10.10.10 base VPN
f702a0e fix country selector spinner bug with phantom selections
3bbf7a1 ensure pluggable transports are updated and set to executable
fa017cf make sure we handle foreground notifications properly
7dd09db update to tor
be61431 make sure all the activities we need are included
af1d933 handle phantom selection of country exit - also support custom
exit override issue
8ebd538 add NEWNYM feature back into main app screen
989cbb2 remove old fullperm manifest
be1f73e go back to one manifest will all perms
93a0092 update implementation of language selector
265caa8 add more releae build crunching compression
074411a always show the hidden service menu
93e6cf3 don't show app vpn selection for devices that don't support it
ad18a40 load PT binaries fromthe native library path
3dc40b8 update to use tor- build with new tor binary method
0d3ef7c update gradle to 3.1.2
49b7228 implement APK splits for architecture specific builds
142d934 update proguard rules
3e8a92a improve how service starts happen on Android O+
6a911d9 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
a94d2c9 Merge pull request #146 from bitmold/package-refactor
5f33788 control package name didnt match dir
456f896 set pdnsd path dynamically, in case it is installed elsewhere
2b40105 use Tor's built-in HTTP server instead of Polipo
e903ea9 change how we look up the version of tor being used
6678399 update dependency command
c6630b9 update dependency command
bc863d4 (tag: 16.0.1-BETA-1) updating to build 16010011
a957986 updating store descriptions
8867c33 adding new strings for onboarding
dd0e2a0 updated strings for multiple locales
a66ff47 update localized strings
e0293ac Merge pull request #135 from bitmold/prefs-improvements
fdd6b52 Merge pull request #139 from bitmold/back-closes-log-not-app
f151b37 Merge pull request #127 from bitmold/string-fixes
923be64 Merge pull request #129 from bitmold/patch-2
d1daf86 Merge pull request #141 from bitmold/no-phone-state-perm
d0cc453 Merge pull request #143 from bitmold/app-sorting-case-insensitive
e244df9 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
bae861e switch to for default DNS
5d9fc75 update gradle to 4.4
f2c3753 update gradle, SDK, dependencies, etc
1c9afcb toUpperCase -> compareToIgnoreCase
0675600 App sorting for TorifiedApps is case insensitive
505223b removed legacy READ_PHONE_STATE perm
87401d0 When log is open, the back btn closes it
a4ce29d Merge pull request #137 from bitmold/patch-3
ca3856c Update BUILD
13ea11d update preference summaries
f117dac cleanup
49ee3ae textPassword inputType for proxypasswd dialog
8a14136 port settings use inputType=number
db74f05 formatted preferences.xml
d681dce Merge pull request #126 from
c425f5f Merge pull request #131 from goapunk/master
285373d Fix BUILD instructions
40391ba Revert "Fix lost asset:"
47e0534 Removed Outdated FAQ in README
0eaa278 ..,. -> ... in strings nl
6030773 revert, pushed this to the wrong branch, sorry
f49719f ..,. -> ... in string res
e459ec0 Merge branch 'master' into vpn-app-selection-ui-improvements
eddcba6 Merge pull request #125 from bitmold/patch-1
64f90ed Merge pull request #124 from goapunk/fix_asset_pdnsd
8a16b2b Wifi --> Wi-Fi
cff61d1 Newlines were not being read from LICENSE in about dialog
a3f1697 gave the GridView some room to breath
ebc06ca Fix TextView overlap issues in app selection ui
f930ced Use ProgressBar instead of off center ProgressDialog
e3f9397 centered app selection GridView in VPN UI
4b36bce "Android" was used instead of "Orbot" in INSTALL
3b7aafd Fix lost asset:
fb912d7 Merge pull request #118 from mrphs/patch-1
c1a3a7d fixed typo in bridge line
7ab6f50 add localized resources to project
7e0552b update gitignore
f553da1 (tag: 16.0.0-RC-2) 16.0.0-RC-2 small fixes (typo, orfox install)
8113e12 re-enable Orfox install code
6c84ae5 fix typo in bridge string
28662af adding icons and screens